• CF Commercial have hit the press again!

        The article explores the utmost importance and  benefits of getting the independent retail-offer right  in the making of new urban villages and regeneration projects

        The [underlined] sub-title reads, “There was a time when retailers were an afterthought to housing developers. But increasingly sophisticated homeowners, used to an urban village life among coffee shops and boutiques, are demanding more.”

        CF Commercial is referenced as follows:

        “It’s all good business for Craig Fisher, director of CF Commercial, who convinced The Modern Pantry, Barry’s Bootcamp and PizzaBuzz to set up shop on the City outskirts. His team scour the streets “like property A&R scouts” looking for potential businesses to introduce to developers who need that missing je ne sais quoi.

        “Despite online shopping, people still want to experience retail and feel like they’re a part of something,” he says. “Good retail doesn’t just move into a community, it builds new relationships with it.”

        The full article makes an interesting read and can be accessed here.