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Across London, CF Commercial has advised various clients on implementing a strategic placement of markets throughout various schemes. Over the last decade, CFC has been strategically involved in the advisory, development and placement of markets across London and beyond. Our team was instrumental in creating  Elephant & Castle’s Mercato Metropolitano; Hackney’s Mare Street Market; and North Cambridge’s Northstowe Market.  We have also advised Homes England on the masterplanning for a market offering and Granger on the relocation of their market in Seven Sisters.

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CF Commercial has strategically advised various schemes across London to implement a local market strategy, placing multiple smaller businesses in a high foot traffic areas. These markets have allowed businesses like mobile businesses, food trucks, start-ups, online retailers and small businesses to have a bricks & mortar location without the commitment to longer rent terms.

This has given local areas the opportunity to thrive through an increase in local community awareness with a with a one-stop-shop market with access to retail shops, groceries, food and drinks. These markets have also allowed each scheme to benefit from a multi-layered approach across PR, social media and WOM dedicated to each individual business resulting in a significant increase of general awareness across the local community and beyond.

Mare Street Market has taken a busy high street in Hackney a new level. Through transforming a former local authority office building into a multi-use venue that houses retailers, restaurants and event space, Mare Street Market has changed the local area’s dynamic and extended the Broadway and Netil Market footprint to create a focal point for businesses and the community.

In Elephant & Castle, Mercato Metropolitano moved to the Elephant Park scheme, departing their former temporary home at Newington Causeway. Initially operating as a large scale deli due to open in Spring 2021, the remaining retailers will open in Summer 2021. The new site, spanning 70,500 sq ft, has a 15-year lease that offers traders increased security, longer term potential and a permanent home without the overhead of a large rent.

In addition to Mercato Metropolitano and Mare Street Market, CFC advises on the strategy, development and implementation across all lifecycles of a successful market-focused set up.



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