14 Jun 2015

DEAL | “Barworks in Tune with Singer Tavern” (excerpt from Estates Gazette, 14/07/15)

Hip boutiques and cafes are sliding further into the City with Singer Tavern, the latest eatery revamp to be let by the property sector’s only retail agency focused on independent operators.

CF Commercial has let Singer Tavern on behalf of Rocket Investments to Barworks on a new 25-year lease.
Singer Tavern is comprised of 6,027 sq ft of space across ground and lower ground floor levels. Its ground floor features a ‘gastropub’ setting with an array of craft beers, a wide wine selection and an eclectic menu. A 5CC cocktail club is also found downstairs.

Located at 1 City Road, Singer Tavern’s premises are at the intersection between Shoreditch’s creative outlook, Old Street Roundabout’s tech startups and the City’s commercial focus. The tavern’s revival is stepping into this prime east London location in the hopes of challenging traditional notions of the culinary experience.

CF Commercial have already moved independents Barry’s Bootcamp and The Modern Pantry in to the east London spot. With this latest revival the creative-led agency continues to contribute to the alternative identity of east London.

Craig Fisher, founder of CF Commercial said:

“The secret to making a space attractive as well as innovative comes down to what brands you partner with and how people relate to them.

“Sitting at the confluence between the City of London and Shoreditch, we are convinced Singer Tavern’s revival will help boost – and contribute to- an area that is as creative as it is competitive.”

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