25 Mar 2016


On March 22nd, CF Commercial attended the Speciality Retailer Entrepreneur Expo (SPREE) in Islington which proved to be a real treat, with a unique exposure to a great deal of very different people.

Most interesting was the Keynote by Aaron Shields from Fitch retail & brand consultancy who framed what he had to say within 10 ‘new retail rules.’  Firstly and possibly most pertinently; stop thinking consumers, think people. This was followed by the urging for less focus on cash through the tills and instead on the retail ‘experience’.

What is becoming undeniable is that the modern-day retail success stories are born through the careful curation of all externalities that ends with a product in your hand – a holistic approach.   Having the best product should be a given.  A winning formula requires providing the very best experience.

Making a space truly enjoyable to inhibit is nothing ground-breaking but it served as a welcome reminder and goal we spend a great time of time exploring.

This really set the tone for the rest of the day and proved to be incredibly relevant to current CF Commercial work in identifying key themes that really resonate well within a given area and identifying operators that fit the rubric.

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